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Founder shorts

special deep-dive offer

In three sessions, we'll dive deep into one topic or obstacle of your choosing, with guaranteed results of breakthrough.

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You realize you have been at an inflection point and stumbling over a obstacle for a while. You are aware, but don’t have the right tools or ideas to move past it yet.

You always wanted to get a coach, but don’t want to spend 5k right away

You want results quick and don’t want to commit to a 6-months period

what you get

3 deep dive sessions

You are at an inflection point. You need to sell your business, develop a new strategy or adjust your company mission, but you feel like you are in no-mans land.

With Founder Shorts, we'll dive deep into the obstacle in front of you and overcome the mental blockage that clouds your path to take the right step forward.


tools & Protocols

The real breakthrough often happens

in between sessions. You receive a collection of tools, protocols and audio-scripts that I customize for all my clients to help you integrate.

This is normally not part of Founder Shorts but it’s included for the first 10 people to sign up in 2024.

What do people say

about working with me?

Daniel Apolaya

Jody Daunton

Founder: STEMosceraca

“David played a pivotal role”

“In guiding me through the initial stages of conceptualizing my startup, STEMos Cerca. He helped me build confidence and also transformed my networking approach from a selling perspective to a genuine curiosity. By shifting this focus, I discovered a more authentic and comfortable way to connect with people. Currently, I've met with around a hundred people, and I am now in the growth sales phase.”


“I was able to make the right decision”

“David coached me at a time when I needed to make an important decision, I experienced his help as very safe and helpful. From intuition, insight into my body posture and feeling through, rather than rationally putting things in order come to mind. He was able to bring me to the core of my hesitations quickly and looking at them together made sure I was able to make the right decision.”


Dorian Plumbers

Country Manager Nordics

Blue Billywig

Build a business on your own terms


External validation will no longer drive you, and the weight of external voices, rules, and metrics will be lifted


You will get to do whatever the f*ck you want, and be great at it


Your own well-being becomes your

#1 priority



I’m so convinced of my work and the results I deliver, so a no-risk guarantee is an easy one to offer.

When you find that after three sessions you have not yet achieved the breakthrough you’ve been hoping for, I work with you for free until you do

Mountains Sketch Landscape