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My name is David and I’ve been where you are. After building my previous company and undergoing countless therapy-and coaching sessions, I understand the pitfalls, the insecurities and doubts. And I know how to get you out.

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After building my mission-driven business for 7 years, I experienced highs, lows and everything in between.

Going from Forbes30under30 and investment rounds to working sidejobs in order to make my company succeed.

Battling a scaling ego, indecision and self-doubt, it was time to go deep and tackle my limiting beliefs.

After working with more than 30+ founders like you, I can safely say, that your breakthrough is only a few sessions away.

What sets me apart

A lot of coaches and therapists will talk to you about your problems. You’ll get to cry, get an insight, but your belief, or stressed feeling isn’t gone.

They are missing 1 criticial element. Especially for founders.

Your nervous-system.

Your body, your nervous system, your fight-and-flight is clocking more hours than you are working overtime. It gets activated at every sales call, failed pitch meeting which leads to decision fatigue, stress and sleepless nights.

Through a combination of NLP, breathwork and coaching we’ll go deep into your nervous system and break through negative belief systems and obstacles.

So you can find true release


I cut through all the BS, layers and masks

to set you up for success




Entrepreneurship is riddled, with beautiful stories, fantasies and make-beliefs. While, in fact I felt enslaved to my businesses, not willing to step out, but feeling stuck in moving forward, because I was my company. The moment I decided that I wasn’t my company, my life and business started to shift


I became an entrepreneur because of childhood dynamics, I never felt good enough and through building a company, I was going to show my family that ‘I was worthy’. I was chasing something that I could never ever have enough of: validation. It impacted my life, my relationship and my business


I ended up becoming engaged to my co-founder. Something that was not anticipated in the business plan. It felt like building two businesses next to each other. It uncovered all my insecurities, weaknesses and shadows. It was my traineeship in becoming the person that I’m today.

ways to work together


1:1 coaching sessions on demand and ongoing online support on a monthly subscription basis. Experience the calm that comes with having something walk alongside you and mirror you where needed.

founder circles

Bi-weekly meet-ups with 5 founders per circle that are on the same journey as you. Experience the group power of peers, carefully curated, guided and coached by me.

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