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You’re looking for a no BS-space with likeminded peers. Who just like you, want to grow their business, network and reflect on business challenges.

Carefully curated in groups of 5,

guided and coached by David.

At a monthly flat fee of 295 euros.

This is for you, if:


You are looking for a set of likeminded peers, but want to skip the BS-bingo of entrepreneurial meet-ups

You understand the value of a strong network of peers and enjoy sincere and honest reflection

You want to truly lead your company, instead of chasing validation, but aren’t in search for 1:1 coaching



what you get


Monthly, online meet-ups in which 2-3 business & mindset challenges will be reflected and discussed by 5 likeminded honest, founders

community support

Become part of a growing community of founders.

Share leads & prospects, gain advice on country expansion, swap investors with founders who have done what you are planning to

real breakthrough

These sessions aim to create clarity in your mind & business by learning from entrepreneurs who vulnerably share their mistakes and failures and willing to give advice.

Part of the tribe

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Mariya Koteva

Founder -Pillars of Health

Quintus Willemse


Share Council


Maria Verschoof

Founder -

Mama Cashew


Coenraad Flinck


Tetra Labs


Harry Verma


Innate & Uprise


what you need to get in


You are in the scaling-up phase of your business, OR..

You have launched & built a previous business before, OR..

Or you possess a relevant network & skill that’s an addition to a powerful group of founders scaling up their business