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Let me help you find clarity and cultivate inner calm while successfully building your business.

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Your business


You get praised by



But you’re not enjoying the



you feel like it could all fall apart at any minute

Hand drawn curved dotted line

Your game plan is

to simply work harder


Hand drawn curved dotted line

And you’re realizing this strategy is failing

if this is you,

you know it’s time to choose

a new game plan.

or else remain RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE..

let me be your co-pilot

Hi! I’m David. I help high-impact founders like you break free from the constant game of hustle and create a life, not just a living.

I help you become more resilient, more free, feel alive and fulfilled - most importantly without losing your drive.

We’re going to pull back the curtains on the person that you already are. I’ll be your co-pilot, your mirror and your human tuning fork. We’ll leave the good parts in and take the limiting parts out.

It’s my mission to help you find full clarity and experience inner calm while building your business, so you can focus on the parts you actually enjoy and truly excel at.

David Kellerman

“Imagine a life and business where your own well-being becomes your

#1 priority.

A life in which you dare to do what the f*ck you want, and be great at it.”


I know it’s hard

Because, I’ve been there too.

After building my mission-driven business for 7 years, I experienced highs, lows and everything in between.

Going from Forbes30under30 and investment rounds to working sidejobs in order to make my company succeed.

Battling a scaling ego, indecision and self-doubt, I had to learn how to break through my patterns and set clear boundaries.

After working with more than 30+ founders like you, I can safely say, that your breakthrough is only a few sessions away.

ways to work together

founder tribes

Experience the group power of peers, carefully curated, guided and coached by me.

5 peers

3 cases

2 hours of reflection

Watch the magic unfold

the membership

Top-tier 1:1 coaching

at a fraction of the cost.

Learn to lead with clarity and experience inner calm.

One flat fee.

No catch.

What do people say

about working with me?

Harry Verma

Jody Daunton

“My business now works for me,

not the other way around”

“As a solo founder, I got too caught up in daily tasks and lost sight of my bigger goals. Through, 1:1 coaching David helped me understand why I (don’t) make

certain business choices.

He uses whatever tools it takes to go deep. He goes from business into personal, from somatic into spiritual ... to uncover what's blocking you. Now, my business works, for me, not against me.”


“I broke free from the cycle of self-doubt”

“David's coaching style is rooted in empathy, and his advice and guidance have been invaluable. With his support, I broke free from the cycle of self-doubt and comparing myself to others.

He helped me navigate internal struggles and overcome the fear of making wrong decisions, enabling me to take decisive actions and propel myself forward”

Jody daunton

Co-founder: Another Escape


And photographer of everything on this website.

Iron Brands

Jody Daunton

“I was skeptical of coaching”

“David’s approach to coaching fits extremely well with my situation as a founder. I have been skeptical of the value of coaching, but this view shifted through my session with David.

Being a founder himself, he directly made me feel understood. From there, with his guidance, I was able to break down personal barriers using actionable methods I still use today.”


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